The Benefits of Using LED Architectural Lighting



LED denotes Light Emitting Diodes. LED lights are the products that generate light through light-emitting diodes. While the term LED Architectural Lighting refers to any type of LED lighting fixture used in an architectural project. These lights are more energy-efficient and illuminate up to 90% more competently than fluorescent lights. 

How do they function?

When an electrical current goes across a microchip, the miniature light sources (LEDs) get illuminated which bring about visible bright light.

Architectural lighting is a junction of art and technology that includes three fields within it; interior design, architecture, and electrical engineering, all of which work together to produce illumination.

With the passage of time, advancement in technology has raised the expectations of the people about their lifestyle. Everybody wants to make their home more luxurious and captivating by incorporating the latest design technologies. In the same manner, businessmen also have a lot in their minds for designing and illuminating their buildings or warehouses. GVT Pvt. Ltd proudly offers advance Architectural Lighting Solutions for all sorts of construction projects-residential or commercial. So if you are looking for the best Architectural Lighting Company in the town, do contact us and have a pleasant experience with our architectural lighting products and services.




Energy efficiency: It becomes distinctively clear why architectural lighting moved to use LED fixtures when we look at the difference in energy consumed by LED lights and fluorescent lights. All other lighting products use only 10- 20% of energy to produce light while the rest of 90% or 80% of energy gets wasted in the form of heat. On the other hand, LED lights to consume 90% of energy in bringing about light while just waste 10% of energy in the form of heat. GVT is growing day by day being the most reliable Architectural Lighting Company for offering the most energy-efficient and energy-saving products.


Unlimited design options: LED architectural lighting centralizes on both aspects; functionality and design. A famous proverb, “All that glitters is not gold” proves to be false in the case of these lights. Being appealing in looks doesn’t compromise their quality of performance. Moreover, these LED lights do not settle brightness for energy efficiency. They give our required and expected illumination along with energy-saving features. Additionally, they are available in a wide range of bright colors. Our professionals at GVT are dedicated to providing powerful Architectural Lighting Solutions along with elegant designs to meet your all expectations. 


Cost-effective: Everybody is looking for new ways to diminish the costs and enhance productivity which in return saves their business money. These LED architectural lights have a huge cost-saving potential that makes businessmen take steps towards outfitting their needs with LED fixtures. Architectural Lighting Company proves to be a one-stop-shop for versatile cost-effective lighting options.



Lifetime: LED architectural lights can last longer up to 25 times longer than incandescent lights. Generally, they are very robust. They have operating time up to 50,000 hours that means if they remain light up daily for eight hours a day they would last for around  10 years before getting exhausted and collapsed. This remarkable durability and reliable performance make them an ideal option for any architectural project.


Low maintenance: The long lifetime of these Architectural Lighting Solutions lowers the need to fix or replace collapsed bulbs which leads to momentous savings especially in maintenance costs. The installation of these LED lights on comparatively inaccessible locations proves to be beneficial due to this long-lasting feature.


Operable in any climate: These lights perform well in any temperature and all types of climates. Generally, they perform well in cold environments. They have now proceeded to operate well in hot and humid environments also.


Environmental friendly: LED architectural lights do not consist of mercury. Now as time elapses, lead-containing LEDs are being replaced with lead-free material. So, their energy efficiency and basic construction make them the most environmentally friendly light. Communicate with one of the renowned Architectural Lighting Company today and replace the lighting system of your building with these powerful LED lights, which will undoubtedly be the most ideal approach.


Aspects of LED architectural lighting


The following three primary aspects of architectural lighting are important to produce a successful correspondence between architecture and lighting of the building ;




It means architects put stress on the aspect that what will be the emotional effect on residents produced by the correspondence of lighting and architecture. How architects want people to feel and think about a place. Lighting plays a significant role in making people’s minds and the way they perceive the architecture of the building.  In simple words, lighting behaves like a mean that let people appreciate the beauty in the buildings.




It is an essential aspect that cannot be overpassed. Architects want to make lighting for thinning in a certain way but firstly, they ensure their functionality and performance. All the places of the building should be lighted to such an extent that residents may feel safe and they may not have any problem in navigation.




Architects assure the minimum waste of energy to make the building more illuminated. LEDs lights prove to be the right and perfect option instead of fluorescent lighting.