Smart Home Automation Technology: Everything You Need to Know

Smart Home Automation: A Few Things You Need to Know.

A Few Things You Should Know About Smart Home Automation


Technology surrounds us today in wonderful ways like never before. It is affecting us in different ways. From the switch button to the electric brush, everything is the creation of technology. Now just your mobile phone is not smart, you can make your whole home smart too.

Smart Home Automation started in 1966 for the first time in the USA and then turned out popular all over the world. It has been introduced in Pakistan also which is making people more advanced and relaxed in their lifestyles. Stay tuned and know about the Home Automation System in Pakistan.


Here’s The Introduction:


Home automation is also known as ‘Smart Home Technology” or domotics. Building automation is a technological solution that alters your homes into smart homes.

It actually refers to automatic and electronic control of household items and activities using the internet and your smartphones.

For example, the lighting system of the home, entertainment systems and climate of the home, etc. Moreover, security systems are also included in Smart Home Automation

Geovision Technologies is known for providing top-quality Home Automation systems in Pakistan. GVT is responsible for making your life more convenient and enjoyable by connecting smart devices to function simultaneously, which in return gives an intelligent automated home experience.

It is one of the best companies to provide you with the comforts of automatic systems whether living in the home or remote. 


How Does Smart Home Automation Work?


It works on three levels:


1 – Monitoring:


Users can track remotely every action happening in the home on their smartphones through an app. For example, someone can keep an eye on his home’s gate with a smart security camera. 


2 – Control:


The user can control the smart devices of his home remotely. For example, he can move the direction of the security cameras to see more views of some specific area of the home or office. 


3 – Automation:


It refers to connecting devices with each other to trigger one another. For example, switching the siren on when a specific security camera notices any motion.


Pros and Cons of Smart Home Automation in Pakistan


Pros  :


1 – Remote Access:


It allows control of all devices sitting remotely from the house. For example, you can open the door of the house without leaving a key outside the home for other members. 


2 – Convenience: 


Remote access to all the activities and appliances is such a comfortable feeling. 


3 – Safety:


It offers maximum security to your homes. Sensors automatically open the door or switch on the alarm when they detect any unusual motion




1 – Cost:


In order to provide a lot of automatic features, safety, and comforts to your life, you will have to pay a lot. 


2 – New technology:


As IoT (the internet of things) has come into our life as a new technology, there may be a lot of bugs associated with it. For example, problems connecting with the internet, or some lags, etc.

3 – Security Issues:


As there are always some negative points associated with the technology along with the advantages, home automation in Pakistan also shows some security threats like hacking of the cameras or other smart devices.