How Value Engineering Plays An Important Role In MEP Coordination


Value Engineering


 It is a systematized and well-organized approach using engineering principles implemented to achieve the utmost value and to perform all functions in a project at the minimum cost. This approach improves the value of goods and services by doing an analysis of all functions. This analysis includes the cost of production, maintenance, energy, design, and staffing, etc.


What is the value of a product?


The ratio of function to cost of the product is called its value, which signifies that the value can be surged by either upgrading the function of the product or reducing its cost.




Value engineering used in MEP Company Lahore by GVT Limited fosters the replacement of materials and methods used in the project with cheap alternatives so that the value may be improved without compromising the quality and performance of the product under development. Value engineering is also known as value analysis. This approach takes part a pivotal role in the planning and designing of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems.



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MEP Coordination Services:


One of the crucial sections of the construction process that can be carried out by value engineering is MEP Coordination Services. When the MEP system comes to blows during construction, it doesn’t cause just budget drained but also time delay. MEP Company Lahore expertly develops MEP systems by applying a value engineering approach. In this process, the following features of utility inauguration are improved;

  • Layout observations
  • Design calculations
  • Effective solutions
  • Cost estimation


Importance of design phase:


The design phase is one of the most significant phase of any project that gives the best possibility to save costs and get maximum productivity.  With the  inspection of designs at the right time, you may avoid many problems and sanctions and eventually can get desired results. Informed MEP structures are designed by crucial design workflows that are instructed by Computer-aided design (CAD).  In the layout drafting area, a maximum price-effective option is ascertained by considering the dissemination of design layouts.


How does it work?


Generally, special and trained architects are responsible for MEP coordination services. Value engineering starts after the formation of the design drawings.  The MEP Company in Pakistan hires specialized vendors for creating design drawings as each area of the MEP system demands high expertise. Hence, it decides the locations of all the systems beforehand to acknowledge all the possible clashes. Then, the externalization of these MEP coordination services to a professional CAD artist furnishes you with optimum value results.  In this way, the value of your MEP system is upgraded by skilled CAD performance and low-cost solutions along with quicker turnaround time. All of these steps are done at zero setup cost.


Benefits of hiring the best MEP Company in Pakistan


Budget Maintenance: The value engineering approach used by GVT minimizes the cost of your project and takes care of your budget.


Zero Risk: We ensure you the finest value at reduced costs by using our MEP value engineering approach. There is no risk in working with us because if we get failed for helping you in diminishing costs of the project, we charge nothing from you.


Maintains Aesthetic: The aesthetics of your construction project is kept maintained along with reducing costs.



MEP Value Engineering is known For decreasing costs, utmost Savings, And supreme Value.


The MEP value engineering approach carries out construction projects in such a well-organized way that it incorporates eco- friendly and energy-saving products and practices. It doesn’t mean to replace the whole process and equipment to get reduced cost, in fact, this technique is used to review the entire construction process so that the better and cheaper ways may be determined for achieving the same goals.

Here are some of the appropriate points that are  considered by one of the best MEP Company Lahore  in lowering costs and confirming the best performance of the projects;

  • Substitute cheap materials and workflows that give out the same function and outcome
  • Detailed inspection of the design stage
  • Interpretation of best proceedings compared to costs obtained
  • Focus on the critical areas of design



The perfect time for applying value engineering:


You can choose and apply value engineering at any time during the project but the perfect and ideal time to go for this approach is the very starting point of the construction. In fact, MEP value engineering approach should be implemented before the approval of all the phases of the project in order to enhance the final output.  Actually, the possibility for cost minimization is greater during the early phases of the project. So, if you go for applying value engineering during the posterior stages of the project, you may face a number of problems that may increase the cost.