How Home Automation Technology can benefit our lives



It is the age where time is money quite literally. With technology transforming our lives completely, smart work is rapidly replacing hard work. From sending emails, controlling vacuum cleaners and air conditioning with smartphones to ordering cabs, technology can do it all.

Out of all the facilities technology has blessed us with, home automation is quite a phenomenon on its own. Home automation has made life so easy that people who used to dread living alone do not feel the same anymore.

The Alexa home automation system has upped the game completely. Alexa is an Artificial Intelligence Google assistant that works like your personal assistant. This Google powered AI assistant works on voice commands and can be paired with home automation systems. All you have to do is tell it what you want to get done.

Like the rest of the world, home automation in Pakistan has become extremely popular. Many people have grown so used to it that they cannot imagine a life without it now.

If you are still skeptical of having a home automation system in Pakistan, let us sway you with its numerous benefits!


Remote control functioning of home appliances and devices


Recall the days when you used to wish everything could be controlled by the remote controller. Well, with Alexa home automation system the dream comes to life! Home automation systems can be synchronized with a plethora of home appliances and devices. You can automate your curtains, lights, as well as coffee machines with IoT.

Set the commanding voice with a greeting or salutary word and you are good to go. All you have to do is say ‘Alexa, Turn off the lights,’ and it will do just that. Many home appliances are becoming adapted to IoT and can be controlled with smart automation. You can even set the time as to when your coffee machine should start making coffee or could even ask your smart assistant to turn the machine on.

The convenience of being able to do all of that while still in bed is priceless. There are days when you do not feel like getting out of bed. Even typing a message that you won’t be able to make feels arduous. The home automation system in Pakistan is pretty much capable of handling it all. Give yourself a much-needed break and let this no-less-than-a-miracle of technology do things for you



Additional home security


With home automation in Pakistan, your house becomes even more secure. Alexa home automation systems come with a range of home security features. These include automated door locks, surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and many more such features.

The automation allows you to control everything from your smartphone. Many of us occasionally forget to lock the doors and it is not until we are in bed that we realize it. With everything just one tap away, you do not even need to get out of your bed. Use your phone to lock all the doors with automated locks.

The home automation system in Pakistan can be used to detect unsolicited entry or motion in the house. You will feel more secure now that there is technology monitoring everything for you. The best part is you can even control and monitor everything even when you are miles or even continents away from your house.


Free suggestions and recommendations


Who does not love the suggestions or recommendations when it comes to what movie/show to watch or music to listen to, right?

Your Alexa home automation system can help you pick the movie for your movie night or even recommend new music. Automation systems when paired with music systems and television sets can give you recommendations on numerous things. Just like the ‘you may also like’ section on various apps, Alexa also gathers data to come up with such a list. After studying your music choice and movie picks, it comes up with the recommendations you are most likely going to go for.

Not only that but as the home automation is also monitoring your home appliances like refrigerator, microwave oven, and more you can also get useful insights about the appliances. There is a separate section of insights in your automation app. It gives you insights into how your appliances are working. You can save energy and even monitor your food habits using smart automation.




Final word


Home automation systems are going to get better with time and advancement in technology. It is only within no time that this luxury will become a necessity. Save your time and a lot of effort otherwise wasted on petty tasks that your virtual assistant can take care of.

So, if you have been thinking about getting a home automation system in Pakistan and you have made it this far reading the article then it is a sign that you should get one installed in your house!