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The “brick and mortar” industry is finally undergoing a digital revolution. The covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital push. Several new market players are testing the waters to fulfill the value gaps of the industry. Zarea is Pakistan’s first-ever online marketplace for construction and finishing materials. Exploring the digital realm of the construction industry in Pakistan, Zarea has harnessed both cost-efficiency and top-line customer experience.


Due to a lack of innovation, the real estate industry is lagging behind other industries, enhancing productivity levels three times more. According to a Mckinsey report, the construction industry has grown its productivity by merely 1% over the last two decades. This inefficiency is costing the global economy around U.S 1.6 trillion a year. Catching the ball right when the local construction market was suffering due to outdated modes of supply-chain and lack of operational innovation, Zarea is making the construction industry more individualized. You simply need Zarea if you are a construction company in Lahore or anywhere in Pakistan.


Zarea believes that improving the supply-chain nodes can solve nearly 50% of the construction industry’s problems today. Changing the reputation of inefficiency, Zarea has seamlessly made the entire buying and selling process efficient. It is now much more hassle-free than ever.  You can get the desired construction or finishing materials at your doorstep and even switch to a digital payment method.


Eliminating the role of middle-man, Zarea caters to both the customer and vendors alike. Whether you want to purchase or sell your products, Zarea is a one-stop solution for all construction needs as it one the top construction material company. It offers improved collaboration to maximize the efficiency of the buying and selling process.  It is catering to individual pain points by making the buying process of construction and finishing materials much more seamless. Zarea provides competitive market rates and exclusive discounted prices, believing the significant cost drop can increase efficiency.


Boasting a catalog of three main product categories, i.e., Grey structure, finishing materials, and interior design, Zarea has an extensive range of over 20 different products from the leading manufacturers of Pakistan. Its most popular products include cement, steel, bricks, sand, crushes, paints, wires and cables, and plumbing materials. Zarea is enabling companies and individuals to yield high productivity at lower costs

Zarea also actively educates its customers by providing comprehensive buying guides and information. It helps its customers make an informed buying decision to choose the best for themselves.